Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
In its Director Training Strategy, the management committee of ILA has defined the general framework of trainings that are required for directors to effectively carry out their mandates.

In its CPD offer, ILA proposes a variety of topics that will allow directors to enrich their skills and/or to update their knowledge.

Our courses described hereafter are most of the time open to all (members and non-members), not only to ILA Certified Directors, but also to executive or non-executive directors, or to all professionals interacting with boards and wishing to increase their understanding of governance concept.

CPD Obligation for the ILA Certified Directors
Our objective is to maintain the highest standards of competence amongst our Certified Directors and ensure that they remain effective as directors and board members. ILA supports its Certified Directors in meeting their CPD obligations by proposing a range of different opportunities.

Pursuant to our Certification Policy EN, CPD is a requirement for all ILA Certified Directors. The obligation commences the year after the certificate has been awarded and is a condition for the continued registration as a ILA Certified Director.

The CPD obligation and process are described in our Director Development Guide.
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