Tue 17 Apr 2018 | 08:45 | Duration 8:00 | Chambre de Commerce Kirchberg
Certification / Company Secretaries - Module 7 - Contract Law Fundamentals for Company Secretaries
Course highlights
This module aims to facilitate the understanding of contract law in a business environment. Accordingly, it covers the crucial ingredients required for setting up a good contract, and provides tips for understanding contractual material. It also scrutinizes what happens when things go wrong, including offering options for assessing damages and remedies for breach. Finally, the main features of contracts entered into by regulated entities and listed companies will be overviewed.
Main learning objectives
On successful completion of this module, participants will be able to:
  • Examine and address key issues in Luxembourg contract law;
  • Offer solutions and advice on practical concerns;
  • Initiate a governance review of contracts; and,
  • Ensure a contract management approach (signing process and document retention).
Course outline
Part 1
  • Contractual freedom
  • Formation of contracts
  • Terms and conditions of contracts
  • Rights and obligations of the parties
  • Termination of contracts
  • Regulated entities and listed companies’ obligations overview

Part 2
Case study: Shareholders’ agreement
Case study: Share purchase agreement
Case study: Loan agreement
Case study: Other contracts and commitments (e.g., engagement letters or confidentiality agreements)
Target audience
Board support personnel, such as current and aspiring Company Secretaries as well as Corporate Officers, including Law Professionals, who support and advise the Board of Directors and Managers, and willing to increase their understanding of corporate governance concepts.
Practical information
Registration to the course is currently only possible if you wish to follow the complete certification program. You will find the registration form on the following page: Company Secretaries Certification Program
If there are still places available, registrations to all ILA members and contacts will open on 15 December 2017.