Tue 17 Oct 2017 | 08:45 | Duration 6:00 | Chambre de Commerce Kirchberg
Courses / Advanced - Facing unethical behavior: practical tools to manage your personal exposure to Fraud
Course outline
Crime continues to occur, despite much less media attention in recent years. Forgery, asset misappropriation, tax fraud, bribery and corruption, money laundering, cybercrime, financial statement fraud, conflict of interest have devastating repercussions upon companies and individuals, not only financially but also in terms of reputation and human cost.

This training aims to increase your awareness on the nature and occurrence of these kinds of frauds and their impact on your personal liability, your company and the overall economy. Participants will understand the responsibilities of company’s directors in the event of fraud and will be provided with a practical toolkit on how to prevent, detect and manage fraud within their organisation. This objective will be achieved through a practical real-life case-study approach, workshops and panel discussions with recognized experts from different fields.

The extent of the directors’ responsibilities will be the major topic of this training course.
Course highlights
  • Increase your knowledge, understanding and awareness on different aspects of fraud
  • Understand your responsibilities and civil/criminal liabilities embodied in the director’s mandate
  • Learn to ask the right questions to your company’s management in order to have a clear understanding on your company’s activities and business strategies
  • Learn to manage a crisis when it hits your company
  • Identify hidden risks in legal and accounting documents
  • Understand the implications and related risks of accepting the position of Nominee Director

Participants will have the opportunity to pursue discussions with our experienced speakers (walking lunch included)
Benefit of the program
  • Acquire up-to-date knowledge and seek direct practical advice from our experts
  • Exchange experiences with our expert lawyers, corporate compliance and business integrity advisors as well as professionals in the banking and industry fields.
  • Gain an overview of Luxembourg and international environment in fraud related matters including civil and criminal liabilities
Target audience
The training is addressed to all cross-industry directors: independent Directors, members of management, Corporate Directors, Fund Directors.
Practical information
  • Language: English
  • Length: 1 day course
  • Venue: Chambre de Commerce, 7 rue Alcide de Gasperi, Luxembourg-Kirchberg (parking available at your own expense)
  • Registration fee: 540,00 € for members (+3%VAT) / 650,00 € for non-members (+3%VAT)
  • Credited Hours for ILA Certified Directors: 6 hours
  • Registration available on this page, please click on "registraion form" in the upper right corner.
Speakers - Moderators - Panelists
Rosario GRASSO
François KREMER
Michael WEIS
Gerard ZOLT
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