Tue 5 Jun 2018 | 17:30 | Duration 1:00 | KBL
Conference - Diversity of thinking, teams and high performance
Juliet Bourke
You are kindly invited to attend the conference that will follow the ILA Annual General Meeting.

This event will take place at KBL on 5 June at 17:30.

The topic will be "Diversity of thinking, teams and high performance" by our guest speakerJuliet Bourke, Human Capital Consulting Partner in Deloitte Australia.

The value of diversity of thinking to team performance makes intuitive sense. It has been said that if everyone thinks the same, then no-one is thinking. Research reveals that diverse teams can reduce errors associated with groupthink by up to 30% and increase the quality of innovation by up to 20%.

But what is “diversity of thinking”? How can leaders identify if team members are applying different mental models to solve problems? And how do they create an environment in which different voices are heard and not crushed? Juliet Bourke, author of “Which two heads are better than one?”, will talk about 6 different ways people approach problem solving and what it means to be an inclusive leader.

We will close this afternoon with the Award Ceremony of ILA Certified Directors, followed by a networking cocktail.

ILA would like to thank KBL for hosting our event
Our Speaker
Juliet Bourke leads Deloitte Australia's Diversity and Inclusion Consulting practice and co-leads the Leadership practice. She has over 25 years' experience in human capital, management and law. Juliet works with Executives and global organisations to improve workplace performance through cultural change, focussing on D&I, leadership and culture.
Her latest book, the 2016 bestseller entitled ‘Which two heads are better than one?: How diverse teams create breakthrough ideas and make smarter decisions’, helps leaders understand how to systematically create diverse thinking and take team performance to the next level.
Juliet is a member of Deloitte Australia’s Diversity Council, and sits on a number of boards and award panels, such as the Telstra Business Awards, the Harvard’s Women’s Leadership Board and the Reserve Bank of Australia’s Diversity Council. Juliet’s own awards include Women Lawyers Association of NSW (Achievement Award), University of NSW (Alumni Award) and Centre for Leadership for Women.
A highly engaging public speaker, Juliet has keynoted at hundreds of global conferences, including TEDx. She is a PhD candidate at Brunel University London.
Practical information
The conference will take place at KBL on 5 June at 17:30.

43 Boulevard Royal
2955 Luxembourg
This event is free of charge.

  • If you would like to participate, you are invited to register by clicking on "registration form" in the upper right corner of this page.
  • Please note that the conference will be held in English.
  • CPD accredited for ILA certified directors: 1 hour.