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“New Governance Challenges for Board members in Europe"
“New Governance Challenges for Board members in Europe"
Course outline
The European Confederation of Directors Associations (ecoDa) has developed a European module for directors and supervisory board members seeking to gain European perspective on board functioning and corporate governance. As result of global economic forces, modern boards are becoming increasingly diverse in their composition and business perspectives. For companies operating across Europe, directors and supervisory board member must rapidly gain an understanding of unfamiliar corporate governance systems, regulations, and best practices. They also need an overview of the rapidly changing and often complex EU policy debate on corporate governance.
Course highlights
The main topics of the program are the following:
  • Overview of different Corporate Governance models in Europe
  • Mega trends in EU boardrooms
  • Trends outside the EU
  • Challenges, benefits and risks of being a director in Europe
  • Simulation of real board in cooperation with INSEAD, our academic partner
Objectives of the program
  • To adapt the knowledge and experience of board members gained at National level to the European level, and to provide insight into the latest European developments in Corporate Governance
  • To create a European network of individual board members and to develop a European pool of board members
  • To provide the skillset that will assist board members in winning board mandates in other European countries.
  • To exchange best European board practices
Target audience
The program is designed for:
  • Non-executive directors (both newly appointed or experienced) with a cross-border mandate in their board activities or looking for such a mandate.
  • Anyone seeking to update their knowledge of recent EU policy developments in the field of corporate governance will also benefit from the module.
  • Those who have followed or are following national certification programmes.
Practical information
Attendance to this 2-day seminar is mandatory for the ILA Certified Directors
Course coordinator: ecoDa
Language: English
Length: 2-day seminar
Venue: L42, rue de la Loi, 1040 Brussels
Participation fee: 1.131,00 € (VAT incl) for ILA members
Credited Hours for ILA Certified Directors: 16 hours
Registration: see attached program

Why should European directors attend the training session and what are the benefits from this experience?
Have a look at the interview with Gerard Citroen (Programme Director of NCD) and Jean Coroller (Education Committee chair) --> EcoDa 2 day programme for European directors
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