Thu 19 Nov 2015 | 08:15 | Duration 8:00 | Chambre de Commerce Kirchberg
Courses / Advanced - Financial Reporting & Financial Analysis for Directors
Making sense of financial statements and understanding how to financial analysts look at your numbers
Course outline
The purpose of this specific training is to provide directors with practical knowledge on financial reporting & financial analysis in order to understand how to read and interpret financial reports as an independent director and how financial reports are used by financial analysts and the investors’ community.
Course highlights
Financial reporting:
  • a refresher for non-accounting professionals
  • delving into the apparent paradoxes of accounting

Financial Analysis:
  • the basics
  • reading the company's financial report as an independent director
  • understanding how financial analysts look at your numbers
  • current development - challenges and opportunities for the Board of directors

A detailed program is attached below.
Benefit of the program
This program will enable participants to:
  • Review the key foundations of financial reporting (conventions, components, principles, paradoxes, etc);
  • Learn the basics of financial analysis (key ratios: solvency, liquidity, performance);
  • Feel comfortable reading the company’s financial report as an independent director;
  • Discuss more effectively the performance and the financial position of their company;
  • Contribute more prominently to boardroom discussion with regard to the financial reports and financial strategy of the company;
  • Understand better the way financial analysts and investors interpret, analyse and value the accounting numbers reported by the companies;
  • Set up a more efficient communication strategy with the investors’ community.
Target audience
This course is dedicated to non-executive directors that do not have a professional accounting background but that would like to acquire insight on how to read, analyze and interpret financial statements. To fully benefit from this introductory class, participants are expected to have – at least – a basic knowledge of corporate accounting.
Practical information
  • Trainers: Serge Pattyn, David Burbi
  • Venue: Chamber of Commerce, 7 rue Alcide de Gasperi, Luxembourg-Kirchberg (parking available at your own expenses)
  • Registration fee:
    • 540.00 € for ILA members
    • 650.00 € for non-members
    • The fees are excluding 3% VAT, and cover tuition, handouts, coffee breaks and lunch
  • Language: the course is conducted in English
  • This course is providing credits in the context of the CPD Program for ILA Certified Directors (8 hours)
  • Registration is available online on this website