Wed 30 Nov 2016 | 08:45 | Duration 3:30 | Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg
Courses / Basic - "How Board members can develop and manage online identities through social media"
Course outline
The adoption of social media communication has exploded over the last five years, both in terms of quantity and quality of interactions between community members. If 50% of people living on our planet today have Internet access, 2/3 of these do regularly use social media. Facebook has 1,65 Bn active monthly users, LinkedIn 430 million profiles, making it the largest professional network in the world. Mid-June, Microsoft paid USD 26 bn to acquire LinkedIn. If this is the value Microsoft accepted to pay, the recurrent question is in how far LinkedIn can bring value to your personal career. Understanding the dynamics that created social media years ago and that keep them growing is an essential step prior to deciding in how far you want to be seen, want to be known or want to interact with fellow professionals on these networks.

Even in industries where confidentiality is essential and personal promotion is not always an immediate safeguard for professional success, an online presence offers ways to connect and stay in touch with like-minded executives and to build your own story about your identity. Tools such as LinkedIn allow people to be present online whilst still deciding themselves how far they will be visible or push their engagement with the community. The course will help grasp the potential of social media for Board members, give tools to connect and guide through the challenges of being visible on social networks.

Participants should bring their laptops, tablets and mobile devices for use during the programme.
Course highlights
The main features of the program are:
  • Apprehending the dynamics of online communities and social networks
  • Understanding how to manage and develop your online presence and identity
  • Understanding the features and concepts of professional networking on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other online communities
  • Analysing specific features of different platforms and approaches that could align with the needs of Directors
  • Protecting yourself online
  • Get hands on experience navigating through the set-up phases of LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Develop a road map allowing each persona to individually decide the level of engagement online
Benefit of the program
The course will help you understand the dynamics of social media and give you the tools required to decide if you want to be present online and how far you want to open yourself up to online engagement and presence. You will be equipped with the knowledge necessary to manage your social media presence by yourself or to guide assistants to do it on your behalf.
  • How do you want to portray yourself and how do you want to participate?
  • What could you contribute and what would be the required netiquette?
Risks and adversities will be highlighted just as opportunities and potential to evolve.
Target audience
Executive and non-executive directors.
Practical information
  • Venue: Chambre de Commerce, 7 rue Alcide Gasperi, Luxembourg-Kirchberg (parking available at your own expenses)
  • Registration fees: 300.00 € for ILA members / 380.00 € for non-members.
    The fees are excluding 3% VAT and cover tuition, handouts, coffee breaks and lunch.
  • Language: the course is conducted in English
  • This course is providing credits in the context of the CPD Program for ILA Certified Directors: 3,5 hours.
  • Registration is available on this webpage, click on "registration form" on the top right corner
Speakers - Moderators - Panelists
Daniela MORARU