Mon 11 Jun 2018 | 08:45 | Duration 4:00 | Chambre de Commerce Kirchberg
Certification / Company Secretaries - Module 4 / Session 2 - Managing and communicating company data
Course highlights
Companies are overwhelmed by an increasing amount of documents and data of all kinds. The Company Secretary does not avoid this trend in performing his duties. On the contrary, the Company Secretary is even in charge of keeping and storing corporate documents, needless to underscore their importance for the company.
Main learning objectives
On successful completion of this module, participants will be able to:
  • get acquainted with the basic legal rules underpinning the keeping and storing of documents, and assuring a maximum level of probative value; and,
  • get an introduction to other specific rules, such as the rules on data protection, professional secrecy and trade secrets, which are often less known but still may have an important impact on the keeping and storing of company documents.
Course outline
  • Certifying copies of documents and obtaining certified, notarized and/or apostilled copies
  • Company and legal documentation, document storage, archiving & retention policies:
    • Contracts
    • Accounting information
    • Registers
    • Policies and procedures
    • Board packs
    • Minutes
    • Proxies and identity cards
  • Balancing accessibility and confidentiality of Board data
  • Data protection & security
  • Trade secret protection
  • Criminal laws protecting proprietary corporate information
  • Legal filings and publications
    Case study: Electronically signing corporate documents
    Case study: E-Archiving corporate documents

Target audience
Board support personnel, such as current and aspiring Company Secretaries as well as Corporate Officers, including Law Professionals, who support and advise the Board of Directors and Managers, and willing to increase their understanding of corporate governance concepts.
Practical information
Registration to the course is currently only possible if you wish to follow the complete certification program. You will find the registration form on the following page: Company Secretaries Certification Program
If there are still places available, registrations to all ILA members and contacts will open on 15 December 2017.
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