Mon 23 Nov 2015 | 08:45 | Duration 7:00 | Hôtel Légère
Courses / Advanced - The Governance of AIF and AIFM
Practical case studies focusing on key questions of Board members should be asking in the context of AIFs and AIFMs
Course outline
The Members of Boards of Directors of alternative investment funds (AIFs) and Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMs) are finding themselves under increasing scrutiny from investors in AIFs, initiators of AIFs and sponsors or AIFMs, regulators and other stakeholders.

The implementation of the AIFM Directive (AIFMD) has substantially raised the bar for AIFMs and the AIF they manage.

In order to comply with this more formal and prescriptive regime, existing AIFMs and AIFs have made significant changes to their organisational models and structures, corporate governance practices, remuneration models, fund documentation, due diligence and oversight practices and many other aspects of operations.

The impact of AIFMD has to be reconciled with the realities of the structure and organisation of the group and of each AIFM and AIF, often spanning multiple EU and non-EU jurisdictions, and the impact of other EU and non-EU regulations.

In this new context, Directors now have to be part lawyer, auditor, regulatory expert, portfolio and risk manager, operational manager and systems technician, among many other things.

The objective of this full day course is help Directors of AIFs and of AIFMs to better understand the issues they face within their organisations and, ultimately, give Directors tools to help them to ask the right questions.

Following a short introduction putting the governance in AIFs and AIFMs in context, the day will be dedicated to four case studies focusing on key issues faced by Boards in the context of AIFs such as: structuring an AIFM, allocation of roles and responsibilities, meeting substance requirements, the relationships between the Boards and key functions in AIF structures, cross-jurisdictional coordination in AIF structures, role of depositary, conflicts of interests, onboarding new clients, oversight over distribution and managing personal exposure.

Each case study is interactive and facilitated by leading Luxembourg experts. The participants will have the opportunity to play different roles in AIF structures, in small groups, and share their perspectives and experiences. The number of participants is limited.
Target audience
This course is directed to executive and non-executive directors and all governance professionals looking to gain a better understanding of the Alternative Investment Funds.
Practical information
  • Trainers: leading Luxembourg experts (see details in the agenda)
  • Venue: Légère Hotel Luxembourg, Parc d'Activité Syrdall, L-5365 Munsbach (parking available at your own expense)
  • Registration fees: 540.00 € for ILA members / 650.00 € for non-members
  • The fees are excluding 3% VAT, and cover tuition, handouts, coffee breaks and lunch
  • Language: the course is conducted in English
  • This course is providing credits in the context of the CPD Program for ILA Certified Directors (7 hours)
  • Registration is available online on this website
  • The detailed program is attached below