Mon 11 Dec 2017
News - 2017 ILA news & articles
We have put together a summary of all the articles we have shared with you throughout the year. Have a look in case you have missed any of them!

Corporate Governance in a Group Environment - Jean Guill's speech and interview (In German)
Jean Guill

- The one thing Directors must ensure their companies do to succeed in a digital world
Richard Russel (Chair of the ILA Digital Committee)
- Luxembourg boards still need to go viral on digital
Monique Bachner, Nicolas Hennebert, Pascal Martino and Vasily Shlykov
- Directing Digitalisation: Guidelines for Boards and Executives
Ludo Van der Heyden, INSEAD

Integrity in the boardroom:
- Building 360° Integrity from the Boardroom
Anthony Smith-Meyer
- What are the outcomes in integrity? reputation, reputation, reputation
Rosa Villalobos
- Financial reporting is critical for trust in business
Philippa Foster Back
- Ethics at the board level
Philippa Foster Back & Jean Guill (VIDEO)

ATTF - LuxDev & ILA Partnership
- Why missions abroad are a must-seize opportunity
Michael Schweiger
- Vietnam keen to improve its Corporate Governance
Carole Wintersdorff
- ILA delivers Corporate Governance seminar in Vietnam
Andrew Finnemore Capon

Strategic Corporate Sustainability
Professor Ravi Fernando (INSEAD) - Video

Directors under 45
Christophe Arnould & Franck Willaime

Choosing Substance over Sanctions
Revel Wood

Audit Committee challenges and priorities
Anne-Sophie Minaldo

Corporate governance of family owned SMEs
David Barth

Risk management: never say never
Benoit Paquay