Mon 16 Apr 2018
News - alterDomus new ILA Sponsor

About Alter Domus
Alter Domus is a fully integrated provider of Fund and Corporate Services, dedicated to international private equity & infrastructure houses, real estate firms, private debt managers, multinationals, capital markets issuers and private clients. Our vertically integrated approach offers tailor-made administration solutions across the entire value chain of investment structures, from fund level down to local Special Purpose Vehicles.

Founded in Luxembourg in 2003, Alter Domus has continually expanded its global service offer and today counts 39 offices and desks across five continents. This international network enables clients to benefit globally from the expertise of more than 1,800 experienced professionals active in fund administration, corporate secretarial, accounting, consolidation, tax and legal compliance, depositary services and debt administration services.

We are proud to serve 9 of the 10 largest private equity houses, 6 of the 10 largest real estate firms and 5 of the 10 largest private debt managers in the world.

The reasons why we have decided to become a sponsor member of ILA

In the context of the constantly changing legal and regulatory environment and with directors’ roles and responsibilities becoming more and more complex, we need to ensure that our employees – who have mandates in some of our clients’ Luxembourg entities, receive relevant experience for an active and added-value role during board meetings, making boards effective. Our employees also need to demonstrate expertise in various areas, amongst others: financial analysis, investment strategy, financing and treasury, industry expertise, regulatory knowledge, etc by adopting a risk-based approach in any decisions to be taken.

In parallel with our internal training program, we recommend our employees to attend ILA trainings, conferences and briefings. ILA events are very useful for independent directors, but also for our employees having mandates. The objective of ILA to share best practices on all subjects – directly or indirectly linked to directors – is key and is probably the main reason driving many professionals to become ILA members.

We want to give the opportunity to our employees to be part of the very dynamic ILA platform. Each event is not only an opportunity to attend professional presentations, but also participate to interesting discussions around topics which concern all directors today in Luxembourg or in Europe.

“I was not only impressed by the experience and expertise of directors attending the training, but also by the instructors who shared many practical case studies around AML and also pushed participants to interact and to share personally their stories. The sharing of experience and best practices was continuous and very rewarding.”
ILA AML training - 15 November 2017
Sandra Legrand, CEO Luxembourg, Alter Domus