Mon 10 Jul 2017
News - Getting to know better: Michèle Detaille
Getting to Know better: MICHELE DETAILLE

From Belgian politics to a business in Luxembourg: Mayor of a small village for 18 years and member of the Belgian Parliament at the age of 27. Sales manager for Accor in the Benelux, in charge of the voucher’s department and then, an acquisition, with a partner, of a small company involved in the packaging industry. After 20 years, the turnover has grown from 2 000 000 € to 21 000 000 € with the creation and acquisition of two small lifting and handling companies. Now the ALIPA GROUP employs about 140 people in three countries and has customers in more than 50 countries.

What are in your opinion, the key attributes for a Director?
Of course, a touch of intelligence (ability to understand what is about), experience, network, ability to ask difficult questions friendly.

What do you think makes a great Board?
First, respect between the members.
Its diversity (gender, culture, age, education, ...), to consider the interest of the company.

What would you change to improve the effectiveness of Luxembourg Boards?
More diversity and support to improve the qualification of the members and keep themselves up to date with the new technologies and new ways of management (people, customers, stakeholders,).

What is the best or worse business decision you have ever made, and why?
The best one is surely to buy a company and to become my own boss.
Why ?
Because it gives you a freedom which enables you to implement your own way of management, to share your own values.

What does the outlook of Luxembourg look like, 10 years from now?
This is a very difficult question. If the government continues to modernize in the same way, with agility, intelligence, common sense and motivation, Luxemburg could stay a very wealthy state, a home for industry, services and entrepreneurs.
But to reach this goal, you need some motivated, clever and honest politicians. I think we have them for the moment but the politicians need to be supported by the population. Think about it before saying they are all bad!

How can ILA contribute to the economy, better boards and society?
ILA could diffuse the importance of best practices in the governance of companies even the SMEs. Best practices mean the pursuit of profit, the most important thing and to care to ensure the sustainability of the company.
To give pragmatic formation to members of boards who have a good theoretical background and organize theoretical courses for people who are self-made men or women.