Mon 29 Jan 2018
News - Welcome to ILA
Welcome to ILA

We invite you to meet and learn a little bit about some of our new members, welcome to the ILA network!

Audrey Baverel
Senior tax manager in big 4 and in bank industry (10 years) before jumping to a high-level position in a worldwide leader digital economy group Audrey knows how to make theory into practice in faster evolving environment. During those years in big firms Audrey still managed to keep an entrepreneur spirit and was many times solicitated to help and advice start up and SME’s to optimize their tax and financial situation in period of restructuring, joint-venture or exit. She eventually decided to fly on her own and decided to set up her own consulting boutique (Happen Consult Sarl), yearning for more flexibility and agility for the benefit of her partners and clients. In parallel Audrey felt the promising trend of blockchain technology and the positive impact it will have on every economic sector, including financing and fund-raising (i.e. via Initial Coin Offering). She’s partnering with specialized firms to manage innovative projects where her background helps her to cover the financial and corporate aspects. Besides, Audrey is actively involved in working groups organized by ALFI and LHOFT related to ICO best practices in Luxembourg. Audrey holds a master degree in business administration from the Grenoble Business School and Heinrich Heine Universität from Düsseldorf. Audrey is also a certified chartered accountant in Luxembourg. She speaks fluent French, German and English.

Genna Elvin
Having started her first renewable energy startup (US Govt backed) at 18, Genna Elvin is currently the Co-Founder of Luxembourg based technology company, Tadaweb. Over the past six years Genna has grown her company from a two-person, pre-product market fit startup, right through to a 50+ employee organisation that has raised investment and revenues well into the millions. Genna is active across many different fields of entrepreneurship and business, in Europe and beyond. Currently, she sits on advisory board of the Women’s Economic Forum as well as the ILA Board Composition Committee (working group) whose mission is to future proof Luxembourg based companies and institutions through emphasising the importance of strategic board composition. Genna has a passion for bringing the next generation into key positions and encouraging young women to obtain positions of leadership. In 2016 Genna featured in Forbes magazine for her place in the Hundert’s Top 100 Female Founders of Europe.
Genna posses a Double Degree in International Relations Law and Psychology from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand as well as a Masters Research in International Conflict and Security from the University of Kent.

Bertrand Michaud
Bertrand Michaud live in Luxemburg since 2001, is CEO of ICFO SA and Independent Director for more than 10 years in Luxemburg. Previously, he was CEO of Bank and Director of entities in the Fund Management Area. He is a professional of finance and fund industry since 1986, his former position was Crédit Mutuel, ING Banque, Banque des Travaux Public, Banque Industriele et Mobilière Privée et AGF.
From 1990 to 2001, Bertrand was a teacher in finance, stock exchange and portfolio management. He conducted with SBF (Société des Bourses de France) a training program related to the financial investment dedicated to individuals. Bertrand holds DESS and DEA Law, Economy and Finance of the Aix en Provence University; he is Alumni of ESG Paris. He is also President of ILM (institute Luxembourgeois de Mediation) ASBL. He support and/or is involved in many Luxemburgish non profitable organisation. He speaks French, English and Italian.